Cam Taylor Music

Audiation and Education at the Piano


About Me

I have been teaching piano since 2010 both privately and through Belmont Music Centre and Lewis Eady in Auckland. I am excited to learn more every day, and thoroughly enjoy exploring the ins and outs of music with my students.

My main areas of interest at the moment are audiation - hearing, understanding and thinking music, improvisation - being free to create, change and explore with music the same way we do with language, and microtonality - seeing how tuning informs music theory and practice, both on traditional and new instruments.

While I have background in jazz, classical and pop, both studying and performing, I love connecting with students' interests, digging deeper into music that is meaningful for them, and using music as a form of self-expression.

After studying Music Learning Theory for some time, I realise how strong the music-language analogy is, and I stress the importance of sound first, only introducing notation when there is a firm foundation in audiation, and only getting into music theory as an explanation of what we already audiate, sing and play.